Our volunteer team runs pop-up, LOW-COST Heartworm Prevention Clinics each month in New Orleans

  • Monthly Heartworm Prevention Medicine
  • Low-Cost Heartworm Treatment Option
  • Heartworm Tests
  • Flea Prevention 


Heartworm 101

  • Dogs must be on prevention EVERY SINGLE MONTH to be safe from Heartworms
  • Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, Texas, and Mississippi, have the highest rates of Heartworm Disease in the USA
  • In New Orleans alone, 80% (160K) of shelter and stray dogs are heartworm +
  • One NOLA rescue spends over half a million a year on treatment
  • Heartworm Disease results in suffering and is fatal if untreated 
  • Heartworm Disease is preventable

Heartworm Zero Program Goals

  • Prevent the expensive and unnecessary suffering caused by Heartworm Disease
  • Share education on Heartworm Disease
  • Make vet care accessible and affordable for all pet owners


$5: 3 months of oral Heartworm Prevention

$5: Heartworm Test

$5 : 3 months of Flea/Tick Prevention

$35: 6 month Proheart6 Heartworm Prevention Injection, for dogs under 30 lbs

$45: 6 month Proheart6 Heartworm Prevention Injection, for dogs over 30 lbs

$85: 12 month Proheart12 Heartworm Prevention Injection, any weight


Attend A Clinic!

Our clinics are first come, first serve. Supplies are limited!

Show up on time, bring your dog, your idea, a leash, poop bag and water, please!  

We accept cash and Venmo payments only.


heartworm positive to negative

Andrea writes

I went to one of your clinics to get my dog Quincy tested for Heartworms and he was positive. He is a pit mix. My son had rescued him on New Year's Eve. Quincy was actually a friend of my sons dog but he was left outside with no shelter and a rope tied around his neck that was cutting into him. He was fed every other day.

When my son realized this, he just took him, and these two have pretty much been together since.  They go mud-ridding, swimming, on boat rides.  He is a JOY to have in our lives and loves to give hugs and just jump into your arms.  

I appreciate anything you can do to help us get him well. 

Express your Inner Pup

If The Inner Pup has helped you and your dog, please send testimonials, photos, stories! We take pride in your success as a responsible pet owner, and we would love to share your story to inspire others.

What else we offer

Other Low Cost Resources


Need more than we offer? Click here

Clinic Give-Aways


Attend a Clinic and you might walk away with a toy, dog treats, dog food, ice cream, or even a microchip! Thank you to our partners!

Harnesses for Chains


We trade in chains for special "Harness Lead" harnesses. Every dog deserves to belong to a family, to have value, and to walk safely and comfortably.  CLICK HERE to see how they work! 

KadieBears Heartworm Treatment Study


Thanks to KadieBear we offer clients and qualifying pets a Heartworm Treatment Option.

If you are low-income and need a low cost treatment option for your heartworm positive dog, let us help! Email info@theinnerpup.org

Roue's Roof: Unhoused People and Their Pets


Homeless people with dogs are welcome to free service at our clinics. Money does not equal love.

We also offer a free, full service clinic for unhoused pet owners every October! 

Veterinary Care & Assistance


Thanks to the Banfield Foundation, clients who need other veterinary care can apply through TIP!

If you need help paying for veterinary care for non-routine care, email info@theinnerpup.org!