Currently located in the 11th Ward and Upper 9th Ward

We run "compassion" courses in inner city elementary and mid

Teachers teach their own students The Inner Pup's Common-Core & Social Emotional Learning aligned, curriculum. 



The Inner Pup's Curriculum

  • Nurtures and develops empathy and empathic thinking
  • Fosters self-worth, understanding, respect and communication
  • Reduces anti-social behaviors and shyness 
  • Promotes societal values and ethical thinking
  • Demonstrates importance of sameness, otherness and cultural diversity

  • Creates more responsible pet owners
  • Shows students to to recognize and stop animal abuse

  • Results in less abuse, neglect, cruelty, overpopulation of pets
  • Results in more happy, safe, secure pets in homes
  • Results in more shelter pets adopted

What better gift can we give a student than to allow them to reach his or her greatest potential?


  • We currently offer our two-week curriculum after standardized testing
  • We expect the options for the timing of the course will open up so we can teach throughout the academic year. 
  • We are currently creating a level 2; after-school dog training and behavior club.

Lesson plans include 

  • diverse learning modalities
  • Videos of inspiring role models (including master in courage, Brene Brown)
  • Tactile interactions with volunteer dog team, therapy pairs 
  • Field trips to local shelters.

Get Involved

  • Become a dog-team
  • Become a teacher
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"A visiting dog promotes greater self-esteem and focused interaction with other students and teachers."


Dog Teams

  • The students learn to meet and greet dogs each day while learning canine body language
  • Our dog teams demonstrate relationships between people and their pets
  • Our Dog-Teams are the lifeline of the Education Program.  
  • We have a certified dog and handler team in 95% of our classrooms. 


  • Our certified teams are required to engage in a certain amount of TIP's classrooms and courses throughout the year.  
  • All prospective Dog Team handlers must attend a Volunteer Orientation as well as pass a Background Check in order to sign up for the Certification Test.  
  • Most importantly, all dogs must love children and want to be in the classroom. 

Our Certification Process TDI & Intermountain Therapy Program aligned.