2016 & 2017


125 students in 3 school for 2-3 weeks.



 125 students in 2 schools for

2 weeks; 40 hours of classroom time. 



200 students, in 5 classrooms, 80 hours of classroom time!

Canine Compassion Course



Middle school students who live in zipcodes where surrender, neglect, and abuse (humans and animals) is highest. 

Canine Attendance

We have a dog/handler team in 75% of our classrooms. Dogs are a "hook" for engagement and are uniquely capable of providing valuable lessons in empathy.


65 minute lessons that focus on such topics as responsible pet ownership and dog breeds, history, and psychology. The course stresses ways to ensure successful interactions with dogs and eliminate fear of dogs through learning their body language and communication. We feature empathy and compassion as part of human-dog and human-human relationships. We underscore cultural role models in animal welfare.

Our curricula has a direct positive impact on students' interpersonal relationships, leadership and confidence skills, home life, and their role in their neighborhoods.

Our lesson plans fit into the speaking and listening common core standards as well as social - emotional learning curriculum. 

Out of classroom

We bring neighborhood role models and ambassadors into the classroom. The students go on field trips to our partnering shelters. This connection allows students to develop perspective and understanding of the plight of homeless animals and to see directly how their community contributes to animal welfare challenges. Students confront the consequences of their choices.

Outcome and Goal

Leadership, elevated empathy, empathetic leaders, confidence and free-thinking skills, and knowledge in both managing dogs and understanding dog as family members and mans best friend. 


Elevate empathy toward dogs and people and expand the neighborhood network of ambassadors and advocates for dogs and humans.

Decrease the number of shelter surrenders, euthanization, reports of abuse/neglect, and increase responsible pet ownership. 

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We are seeking H.E.pair teams, teachers, new schools and locations, partners, sponsors, and corporate support. Contact TIP's Educational Director for more info: Julia@theinnerpup.org

Humane Education Dog Team Pairs!


Dog Teams

Humane Education Dog-Team make up the many dogs and owners who assist our Humane Education Curriculum and are the lifeline of the Education Program. Having a dog in the classroom while we teach helps the kids open up and learn compassionate and empathy far faster than without. Students smile more, participation is higher and the students feel more comfortable and at ease with an animal in the room. Those students who at first fear dogs, are able to trust more by the end of the course.

Certified Dog Teams

Our certified teams are required to engage in a certain amount of TIP's classrooms and courses throughout the year. 

All prospective Dog Team handlers must attend a Volunteer Orientation as well as pass a Background Check in order to sign up for the Certification Test.  

All Certified teams in our programs have been certified by our Evaluator and Volunteer Coordinator with our Test. All prospective team handlers must go through all necessary training before bringing their Certified Humane Education dog into the classroom.

Our Certification Process is aligned with both TDI (Therapy Dog International) and Intermountain Therapy Animal Teams.

Would you like to make a difference with your pup?

Apply to be a dog team today! 

I am a teacher/administrator, how do I get TIP in my classroom or school?

The Inner Pup programs are provided at no cost to our partner schools! 

To ensure that our resources are going where they are most needed, it is important to us that schools seeking partnership with The Inner Pup meet certain criteria. We look for new partner schools where the student population is at least 85% low-income, and where 60% of 6th graders are reading below grade-level. These criteria confirm that we are providing critical help to those who are most in need. Please email Julia@theinnerpup.org to inquire about potential partnership. 


Canine Compassion as a path of empathy

Humane Education Origins

Compassion and empathy need to be re-awakened. They are often surpressed by other life forces or trauma. Our Education Course awakens the sleeping, unconscious human spirit that is waiting for permission to connect with compassion. 

Over 4 years, TIP has run 2-3 "Canine Compassion Courses" in 11th Ward (Central City) and Upper 9th Ward classrooms. The course originally set out to solve the problem of shelter over-population, high euthanization rates, and abuse and neglect by targeting the root cause of these epidemics (lack of education and resources). 

Our experience of executing the curriculum suggests that Humane Education benefits humans just as much, if not more, than the animals it was designed to advocate for. 

The true value of the course isn't just the knowledge gained around training and behavior, animal husbandry (basic dog needs), or why dogs shouldn't be left in the yard all day (though these are valuable lessons learned, for sure) - the real value is in the lessons around empathy and mutual respect that can be uniquely taught and experienced through our curriculum and interaction with dogs. 

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We are seeking teachers, new schools and locations, partners, sponsorships and corporate support. Julia@theinnerpup.org

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