The Inner Pup has a small staff, an impressive board, incredible lead volunteers and a large group of other fantastic volunteers who make up all aspects of our clinics and education program.

our teams


Monthly Clinic Team

A non-judgemental team of friendly pet and people lovers (not all featured here!)


Education Program Team

(not all featured here!)


Disaster Relief Team

(not all featured here!)


mother-daughter co-founders

Lindsay and Genie, mother-daughter team, co-founded The Inner Pup in 2016. They knew that a grassroots effort would be the only way to fix the current animal welfare crisis in New Orleans. 

The Inner Pup's programs focus with on-the-ground efforts, empowering pet owners to take back the responsibility of pet ownership. 

board of directors

Lindsay Goldring


Genie Goldring


Veronica "Roni" Murphy


Dr. David Batt


Tarak Anada


Judit Arroyo


Karla Steinmeier


meet the Staff

Lindsay Goldring, Director


Lindsay has worked in animal welfare since college, and this followed years of volunteering experience prior to higher education. 

She has experience managing and directing grassroots non profits and a solid background in training and behavior. 

She and her mother, Genie, founded TIP together in 2014 after witnessing a huge problem in the direction and focus on animal welfare. Lindsay is committed to prevention methods of animal welfare. 

Clip from her previous shelter

Julia Keller, Education Program Director


Julia studied Education Policy and Teaching at Brown University. She has 5 years of experience writing, executing, and sharing engaging and differentiated curriculum. 

She first teamed up with TIP in 2016 to create and deliver the first ever Canine Compassion course to her 7th grade ELA classroom in Central City, New Orleans. 

A lifetime animal lover who believes in the power of interaction with animals to unlock listening and empathy within all of us. She cannot wait to discover all the new ways to improve and grow the reach of the course.

Mari Nerbovig, Admin

Mari graduated summa cum laude from Loyola University of New Orleans with a degree in Music Therapy

Mari graduated Summa Cum Laude from Loyola University of New Orleans Honors College with a degree in Music Therapy and Psychology and a minor in Spanish.

Mari has worked in forensic psychiatric settings providing music therapy services, worked in ABA Therapy with children with intellectual and developmental challenges, and served as an assistant to C-Suite Staff.

Most importantly, Mari is the loving foster parent of 100+ animals who have found furever homes, as well as currently the foster coordinator for DC PAWS Rescue. 

She works around the clock for TIP, keeping productivity high. 

meet the volunteer Staff

Genie Goldring, Clinic Co-Manager


Veronica Murphy, Clinic Co-Manager


Lauren Zwiefel, Heartworm Treatment Manager



John Rogerson


World Renowned Dog Trainer and Behaviorist.

Dr. Sheldon Rubin


10-year past president of the American Heartworm Society (AHS).

Michael Blackwell


Expert in access to veterinary care for families of limited means. Dr. Blackwell is Director of the Program for Pet Health Equity, AlignCare, U. of Tennessee College of Social Work. He also serves as chairman of the access to veterinary care coalition. 

The problem


6.5 million homeless animals in the USA

There are 70 million pet dogs in the USA. 

Only 60% of pet-owners consider their dogs "family"


39% of New Orleans residents live below Federal Poverty Level

The majority of dogs in the shelters are from New Orleans' most high-need neighborhoods 


Roughly 80% of shelter dogs in New Orleans are Heartworm Positive