Express your Inner Pup

Peyton Bullard, 2017

I am 77 years old and live on my social security which is $646.00 a month. Without The Inner Pup help, I could not afford to keep my fur baby Mandy. I live alone and she gives me so much love. Thank you for making my life so wonderful by helping me to keep Mandy healthy.

Sarah Dupuy, 2017

I was able to get so much help for my dog thanks to this clinic. I was able to get him heartworm testing, heartworm shot and flea meds. I was in between jobs and don't know what I would have done. So grateful.

Carolyn Thornhill, 2017

I've worked hard all my life, but now I'm on SS disability. I've always been able to take care of my babies until the last year and was at a loss as to how to keep them. It's not fair to keep them and not get them the care they need - that's such a depressing state to be it. A friend told me about the Inner Pup and I came to the heartworm clinic last month, and for the annual shots yesterday. The people are so wonderful and I have a place to take my babies when they need their shots. Thank you so much for being there!

Christin Hamilton, 2017

Thank y'all so much, y'all have helped my babies with love and great care. I appreciate all the help y'all give to the community and the time y'all take to help animals who are in need. Y'all are angels! The whole staff was so friendly and gentle, thanks again for everything!

Sarah Adams, 2017

"I am so impressed! I attended the low cost clinic today held at Whole Foods and was amazed at how organized it was. To top it off, everyone working the event was friendly, knowledgeable and efficient."

Heather, 2017

These people involved in this event by far are the most loving, helpful, and caring people I've encountered with and for my furbabies, I appreciate this service for my babies more than I can put in to words to be able to make sure my babies are healthy. Thank all of you so much!

PAWS Club at Benjamin Franklin High School

We embrace our city's youth! 

Lead the Way

John C. Smith (Corrections Colonel) 2017

I would like to thank y'all again for allowing us to participate in y'all's program today.

It meant the world to Wylie and I to have the opportunity to speak to those young people. I look forward to working with y'all in the future. Tell Chucky hello for us, I really appreciated his input. 

Batou Chandler, 2017

I love Inner Pup! What a great charity with such a simple & needed mandate. It's the exact way to approach doing good works: focus on a single solvable issue, focus attention, money & clarity towards a simple straightforward solution.  Thank you for fighting the fight on behalf of all of us. There is no purer love than that of a dog. Anything we can do to further that cause would be an honor.​

Mel Borne, Dog-Team Volunteer TIP, May 2019

 Also I’d like to just let y’all know that from my perspective this was exceptionally planned out and I appreciated the communication from all of you. 

Y’all have a crazy day ahead on Friday and the impact this program has on the students is very evident.  

Y’all are the living phrase “be the change you want to see”

Miss Aryn, KCCA Teacher, 2016

When TIP first arrived, I was nervous as to how the students would react to the dogs being brought in (some of our students are nervous around large animals).  However, there was nothing to worry about as Lindsay and her crew spent numerous sessions preparing the students for the arrival of the pups.

  By the time the pups arrived, the students were excited and mini experts in how to treat these adorable creatures.  One by one, the students practiced going up to the pup, waiting for it to smell their hands and clothes, and only when the dog’s body language indicated that it felt comfortable, they would pet him/her.  

Lindsay and her crew also made this experience pertinent to the New Orleans community.  She brought in a New Orleans native who had some unfortunate experiences breeding pit bulls in the past.  He informed the students about this ongoing issue and helped them to become more socially conscious regarding animals.

Lastly, the students were able to visit the shelter to get a first-hand look at where the dogs were being housed.  They saw the extreme love, kindness, and care that the employees exhibit when working with the animals.


Developmentally, middle school/high school is a great time to expose students to the work force so that they can begin to explore their interests and strengths.  This was a huge benefit of this program. 

Lindsay and the Inner Pup helped broaden the students’ horizons.  As a teacher, you want your students to be exposed to as many possibilities for their future as possible.  In addition to helping them explore animal care as a possible career choice, the Inner Pup definitely helped inform our students about animal cruelty and ways in which they can prevent this from happening in the future.

Melissa Dillon Seal & Gumbo, Dog-Team Volunteer TIP, May 2019

 What an amazing day! I'm not sure there's anything better than bringing kids and dogs together, to enrich the lives of both humans and animals. Gumbo was an amazing ambassador and was patient, loving and extremely comfortable with the students. It was emotional hearing these kids stories, learning about their struggles and realizing what profound effects the presence of a dog can do for their souls. I learned approximately 80% of the children in this school are the victim of some sort of trauma (physical, emotional or sexual.) We witnessed kids with true fears of dogs, choosing to sit on the complete opposite side of the classroom than us, to relaxing and wanting to pet him. I saw a SpEd kid, with a para to help him get through class, relax and focus on the lesson they were being taught. A blind girl navigate to the front of the room, just so she could run her hands through his fur. We heard stories of hurt and heartache and those of a hopeful future for children who decided they wanted to be vets, vet techs and shelter workers. I can only imagine what incredible benefits therapy dogs would bring to our school systems, by having dogs on campuses. These kids connected. They were engaged and interested. You literally could watch anxiety, hyperactivity and sadness leave their precious faces, simply because of a dog. I couldnt be more proud of The Inner Pup and their Canine Compassion Education Program. I wish every school system was open to getting this curriculum into their classroom. Oh what a difference we could make.  

Miss Shelby Flowers, KCCA, May 2018

 I just wanted to take the time to thank you guys for the amazing work you all did at KCCA. The transformation I saw in the depth of their knowledge about dogs from start to finish was really fun to be a part of. 

It really amazes me that you all took the time out of your busy schedules to make this curriculum, and for that, I thank you.   

​"I have a student, he always choses where he is going to sit. He hasn't sat in an assigned seat all year. He wants to be left alone in the back of class and not be bothered. 

Truly, for the first time, in the entire year, I see this tiny student, whose under developed in more ways than one, whose excited to be in class. Raising his hand, wants to be involved, wants to do the activities, he was so eager!! Miss Keller told me that there are always those 1-2 students that come out of their shell with Canine Compassion's curriculum, but I would not have dreamed in a million years that this student was the one that got excited about this! 

And, really, I could say that about a lot of the students. You just saw the students become emotionally stable in class, back to their usual in their next class, but, in our 4 walls, when Canine Compassion curriculum was being taught, they were calm, engaged and happy. Calm Engaged and Happy, a teachers dream.