COVID-19 Special Offerings!

Existing Clients

In order to keep you and your dog safe we are taking online orders and mailing prevention medications each month instead of having in-person clinics.

Applications are open from the 10th-20th of each month. 

Medications are mailed on the 22nd and 

should reach you before the end of the month.

Fill out the Heartworm Zero Clinic Application below. Afterward, we will send you a confirmation email with details on how to pay. 

We will resume Proheart6 injections and heartworm tests at our in-person clinics.

We cannot mail medication to new clients due to LA State Law. Please see the New Clinic Client instructions if you are not an existing TIP Client.

New Heartworm Clinic Clients

Unable to afford vet care? Never been to a TIP clinic but in need of low-cost Heartworm Prevention? 

We are excited to now be able to offer an opportunity for new clients to get a prescription for heartworm medication from a licensed veterinarian. 

To become a new client:

1. Fill out application
2. Once approved, TIP will give you the vet's name to make an appointment with.
3. At this visit, the vet will give your dog a prescription for heartworm medication.
4. Once you have been given a prescription, you will be able to order prevention from TIP's monthly virtual heartworm clinics! 

(All new clients will be required to visit a veterinary clinic.)

Once we resume on-site clinics we look forward to meeting you and your pet!

Special thanks to Banfield Foundation for expanding the terms of our Banfield Veterinary Grant due to COVID 19.

Veterinary Assistance

Through our partnership with The Banfield Foundation, we are able to offer financial support to animals with problems causing discomfort.

Please fill out our Veterinary Assistance Grant Application below. Once you have filled out the application, we will send you a confirmation email with details about submitting your proof of low income


Once your application and proof of low income have been submitted, we will be able to process your application. This grant is awarded to people who are the most in need of assistance.

This grant does not cover routine care or emergencies. Dental care, yearly shots, and spay/neuter are considered routine care. 


Other organizations are offering different services as well. If we do not meet your needs, feel free to email us and we can try to direct you to the right organization to help you and your pets during this time!