Circa 2014

The Inner Pup (TIP) was founded in 2014 by Genie and Lindsay Goldring in response to a discrepancy between humane services and communities that need them most.

TIP offers a preventative approach, focusing on education and outreach. While current trends in animal welfare include pouring money into bigger shelters, transport, rescue, and the metrics of higher adoption rates, TIP targets the cause of the surrenders that set the cycles off. According to ASPCA, 50% of surrenders are due to lack of education (training, care, and behavior). TIP strategically targets communities with the highest abuse and surrender rates to educate owners before tragedy occurs. 

Following the positive impact that TIP provided, we were invited to partner with a large-scale vet health foundation: Banfield Pet Hospitals.  Major SPCA's in New Orleans as well as Pitbulls And Parollees subject, Villalobos Rescue Center, know our mission's value and impact and have partnered with us in our projects. Major medical companies also support our projects and offer us lower cost medication that we provide to our clients. As of late, we have been asked to expand our programs into other parishes, states, and overseas with partners in both the UK and Thailand.

Upon launching our Heartworm Prevention Clinics in 2016 with a group of 14 volunteer vets, vet techs, and animal enthusiasts, we provided 842 dogs with 3,434 months prevention in the first 10 months. During this time, we launched humane education programming into KIPP Academy, a national charter school. At KIPP, our volunteer staff taught canine education to 7th graders for 3 consecutive weeks. 

TIP has since built out its programs to provide client-driven, easy to understand, comprehensible and accessible education, curriculum, awareness, and resources. 

We make being responsible simple. 

While low cost resources help individual families conquer responsible pet ownership, TIP has also created ambassadors in these client-based communities. Ambassadors can be consulted for information on animal welfare and upcoming events. Our youth ambassadors who have completed our education course have news eyes and new ears, for the communities where they too reside. 

This spiderweb network catches people and pets before they fall through the cracks. 

With over 100 years of animal welfare experience, we know we cannot adopt our way out of pet-overpopulation, abuse, and neglect. Shelters and rescues are band-aids on the wounds. TIP is ripping the band-aid off. Join us in paving the way toward more education and outreach, the preventative measures of welfare.


Clinic Team

A team of 30 non-judgemental advocates, people, and pet lovers. 12 times a year, 14 volunteers gather together and help 80+ pets and their owners. 

Education Team

Teachers, ambassadors, and TIP go-getters. Each year we spend 2-3 weeks in at-risk neighborhood schools for 4-5 hours at a time. In 2019, our goal is 4 new cities and schools. 

Disaster Relief Team

Melissa Dillon Seals is our woman if disaster strikes. In 2017 TIP and her team (including partnering rescues) rescued 250 from the Hurricane Harvey floods. Prior to our partnership, she has saved thousands of dogs associated to weather catastrophes. 

Our Staff

Lindsay Goldring

Executive Director & Co-Founder

Lindsay has volunteered in animal welfare since age 10 and began dog training after her first job in a high-kill shelter in downtown Chicago. She made her debut in 2008 when she become Executive Director at a rescue in Wyoming. In 4 years, Lindsay raised earning potential by 80%, led a team that adopted 1000+ animals, co-created a mobile spay/neuter program, and etched education into the mission. 

In 2014 she re-directed all efforts towards Preventative tactics in Animal Welfare.

Julia Keller

Educational Director

Julia is a lifetime animal lover who believes in the power of interaction with animals to unlock listening and empathy within all of us. 

She studied Education Policy and Teaching at Brown University and has 5 years of experience writing, executing, and sharing engaging and differentiated curriculum. She first teamed up with TIP in 2016 to create and deliver the first ever Canine Compassion Course for her 7th grade ELA classroom in Central City, New Orleans. She cannot wait to discover all the new ways to improve and grow the reach of the course. 

Mari Nerbovig

Administrative Assistant

Mari graduated this May, summa cum laude from Loyola University New Orleans with a double major in Music Therapy and Psychology and a minor in Spanish. She is currently in a Music Therapy Internship at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington D.C., is an active ABA Therapist, and works part time with TIP. 

She fell in love with animal advocacy when she started fostering for Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter; she is now co-running their foster program. She’s excited to continue working as TIP’s administrative assistant and help animals and owners receive proper care and education.

Volunteer Staff

Genie Goldring

Volunteer Clinic Director & Co-Founder

Roni Murphy

Volunteer Clinic Manager & Co-Author

Lauren Zweifel

Volunteer Heartworm Treatment 

Study Director


Genie Goldring

Vice President

Judit Arroyo

Secretary and Behavioral Adviser

Karla Steinmeier


Become a Veterinarian Partner

Dr. Jai Diggs

Dr. Liz Friedman

Dr. David Batt

Dr. April

Dr. Becky

Teach for TIP

Miss Shelby Flowers

KCC Academy

Miss Andrea Watson

ARISE Academy

Global Advisors

Sheldon Rubin - Heartworm Expert

3 year past President, 10 year Board member of American Heartworm Society (AHS)

"Congratulations, you should be a model for the AHS in its constant effort to increase Heartworm prevention in the United States. Remember, over a million dogs are infected with Heartworm in the US and with programs like yours we can reduce that number to near zero".

John Rogerson - Education Expert

With over 50 years of practical dog behavior experience, he is the founder and principal lecturer of the Northern Centre for Canine Behavior. John is widely acclaimed as a world leading dog trainer and behaviorist, having pioneered the majority of techniques that have now become standard practice in behavior therapy and training.