Man's best friend begins with man

Progress in Prevention

Mission and Values

Mission: To elevate empathy, compassion, and responsible pet ownership in high-need communities by providing humane education and affordable resources to people and pets. 

Human relationships with pets are culture specific. Animals from the most high-need communities world-wide make up the greatest proportion of shelter animals. These same communities have the least access to low-cost resources and lack awareness of animal welfare trends. When people in these communities are educated and come to understand the impact of their actions, they become more responsible pet owners. Globally, this is our audience.

Value Statement: The Inner Pup offers friendship to the most judged communities. We build trust with the abusers and the agents of change. We value compassion over judgment, and information over ignorance. We believe that hearts are inherently pure but lack of education and financial strife often leads us in poor directions. We network with the entire animal welfare industry, even breeders. We maintain that everyone who cares for dogs has a responsibility to do what's best for them. 

Dogs have always been man's best friend, domesticated and co-dependent. It’s natural for people and pets to develop great relationships.  Children and adults who learn to relate to animals compassionately will also relate to all beings with that same compassion and respect. 





A mother-daughter team. 

Genie and Lindsay Goldring both work full-time for The Inner Pup. Lindsay has volunteered in animal welfare since age 10. She made her debut in 2008 when she become Executive Director at a rescue in Wyoming. In 4 years, Lindsay raised earning potential by 80%, led a team that adopted 1000+ animals, co-created a mobile spay/neuter program, and etched education into their mission statement. 

In 2014 she re-directed all efforts towards Humane Education.  

Genie Goldring, raised in a family of doctors, could have easily become one. In 2015, she put her knowledge into canine veterinarian research. She launched The Inner Pup's Community Clinics. She and clinic manager, Roni Murphy, co-run the monthly clinics and are developing a national protocol. They will expand the clinics into the states that suffer the most from Heartworm Disease. 

Genie is a full-time volunteer.

The Need

6.5 million homeless animals in the USA


Majority of dogs that enter shelters come from high-need communities. 670,000 dogs are euthanized each year.

Adoption is only a band-aid.

70 million pet dogs in the USA


The domesticated dog loves its owner while its owners do not respect them. 40% of pet-owners do not consider their dogs to be family members. 

A Need for Compassion.

30% of the USA lives below 200% of Federal Poverty Level


40% of pet owning families in the United States struggle to pay for basic veterinary care.

Vet care should be affordable.

Our Approach

Teach the next generations of pet owners


Starting at a young age, we re-instill the value of man's best friend. We teach kids to have better relationships with dogs and each other.

Provide Low-Cost Pet Services


We provide low-cost resources to pet owners. We demonstrate the value of pet dogs and elevate the dog-owner relationship.

Path to Empathy


We are the missing link. Communities that need intervention need our education as well as to understand the importance of their impact .

2018 Youth Education Program

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