We run "compassion" courses in inner city lower, elementary

Education is our best bet at combating the abuse, neglect, and surrender that plagues our world. If you agree, read on.... and/or feel free to share with others who might be interested in joining this work with their dogs! 

Dog-Teams in every classroom.

2 Week Long Compassion Curriculum

2 Week Long Compassion Curriculum

2 Week Long Compassion Curriculum

TIP created this teacher-taught curriculum to expand compassion, empathy, trust, and strong relationships building with both dogs and each other.  

Common Core and Social Emotional Learning aligned. 

After School Dog Training Club

2 Week Long Compassion Curriculum

2 Week Long Compassion Curriculum

Training builds trusting and loving relationships between humans and dogs. 

Sit Stay Read

2 Week Long Compassion Curriculum

Sit Stay Read

Partnered and in collaboration with Sit Stay Read out of Chicago, TIP  launched it's first ever 6 week Read program in KIPP East Primary, January 2020! 

"A visiting dog promotes greater self-esteem and focused interaction with other students and teachers."

Become a Dog Team


  • You and your dog can commit to at least one school visit every 3 months
  • Your dog must be at least one year old
  • You and your dog have been bonded for at least 6 months
  • Your dog must have good manners and enjoying being with people
  • Your dog must be in overall good health 

Can you help? Join us by becoming a certified dog team today!

Contact a Tester/Observer in the area.
If you do not have computer access, please contact the office at 1-877-843-7364.  

 The program offers meaningful benefits for you, your dog, and those whose lives you will change through your efforts. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for understanding the importance of you and your dog connecting and engaging with the youth of our city.  



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